Sidra, 21, ISTP.
You are strong enough to buy our vengeance for us. With my death, I instruct you.


things dragon age could be doing with blood magic:

  • revolutionizing healing craft in thedas through the manipulation of a person’s blood (keeping ppl from bleeding out, restarting a heart that stops, finding and loosening blood clots, etc.)
  • foolproof pregnancy prevention through the stoppage of menstrual cycles
  • divining a person’s future to protect them from accidents or life-threatening injuries
  • helping parents find children and other loved ones who are lost/abducted through the use of blood-based kinship spells
  • blood leaves magical residue on murderers which particularly skilled blood mages are able to trace or at least use to corroborate evidence and convict criminals
  • protecting oneself or others from harassment/stalkers through the use of blood-based sigils; protecting oneself from blood-based kinship spells when fleeing from abusive homes

things dragon age actually does with blood magic:

  • lmfao congrats on your terrible life choices, you’re either an idiot or an asshole and you and/or everyone you love is dead

The Knight Wonders What, Exactly, He Rescued by Jeannine Hall Gailey


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